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Aug. 14th, 2019

aren't you precious

[OOC] How's My Driving? + Relationships


Personal LJ: mizure
AIM: M1zure/guragief

Tell me anything! Do you have an issue with my Leon? Give me tips on how I can play him better! Am I having problems with RP etiquette in general? This is my first RP, so please let me know! Have a plot or idea you'd like to see? I'd love to hear it! Want to tell me how totally awesome I am? Oh bb~ Ahem.

Leon's CRCollapse )

May. 1st, 2010


Thirteenth Case [Voice: English]



[clunk. Way2fail dude.]

Jesus christ, I forgot how much that smarts. Stupid piece of- fine, fine, I'm posting, ya happy? Can't a guy heal in peace around here?

[Of course his inactivity had nothing to do with the stupid apathy thing, no of course not. Excuses, what excuses? But whatever, NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT.]

Ugh, whatever. I gotta get out of here. As nice as it is to mooch off the hospital, I should probably find somewhere else to stay. Wonder if my old place is still free...

[There's a grunt as he gets up (lol oops that broken leg's still kinda healing dude) and he shuts off the device.]

Mar. 22nd, 2010

you should see the other guy

Twelfth Case- First Case Part Two? Whatever. [Video: English]

[The video starts out as just a picture of the sky as it lies on the ground somewhere. There's the sound of scraping and shuffling nearby, broken up by a few pained coughs and groans.] Ugh...what the hell...

Shit...guess I'm not quite dead yet. And if I am, I'm feeling pretty damn ripped off, cause everything still fucking hurts. Ow ow ow...

D! Where the hell did you go? Not cool, man. Could have at least dumped me near a hospital instead of-

[He cuts himself off as he finally looks around, recognition dawning.]

Oh hell no, no way. No freaking way. This dump again? Holy shit...

So there oughta be... [a few more scrapes] Yep, there it is. Come 'ere, you little piece of crap...

[There's a grunt as he reaches for the communicator. He drags it over, noticing it's on but not realizing it's on video. There's a nice sideways shot as he leans back against the wall he's propped himself against, breathing heavily.

He's a complete mess. Deep cuts and gashes cover his body, and it looks like he's just been mauled by a pack of dogs. Which, essentially, he has. He's been bandaged up but only very basically, and certain injuries, like the gash in his leg and the cut on his head, won't stop bleeding.

Great, what a way to go. Don't even get the good fortune to kick the bucket in my own universe...just my luck.

Oi, anyone even listening to this? Come on, help a guy out, will ya?

[OOC: Yeeeah...he's kinda gonna bleed to death if someone doesn't get to him soon. L-lol welcome back amirite?]

Oct. 28th, 2009

aren't you precious

Eleventh Case [Text/Police Lock]

[Police Lock]

As of yesterday, some punk Sho Minamimoto has been placed under arrest on charges of aggravated assault and battery. The guy confessed to attacking one Suzaku Kururugi approximately 5 days ago. Wasn't the least bit sorry about it either, the smug bastard...

He came quietly, but the dude was armed to the teeth. His gun, knife and extra bullets were all confiscated when I brought him in. He shouldn't be much trouble, though I'd still like the wipe that grin off that jerk's face.

[Oh how little Leon knows.]

And I swear to god if I hear complaints like the last time...

[/police lock]

Oct. 14th, 2009

aren't you precious

Tenth Case [Accidental Video: English]

[The communicator's propped on a table. At first, there's just an empty living room, but soon a small head passes by the bottom of the screen. Something akin to a hiss sounds out. Shortly after, Leon runs across, arms outstretched.]

Freakin' brat, get back here!

[He passes, and the living room is quiet for a moment. After a few seconds, there's a tumbling of something soft, and soon Hikari's passing by again, with her hissing, this time stuck in a shirt of sorts. Leon snags her right on camera and lifts her up by her shirt, holding her at arm's length. She's clawing at him; since her nails haven't been cut lately, she's leaving tiny marks.

Leon looks around for his communicator and soon figures out he's staring at it. He grimaces, holding Hikari out towards it.



[He shakes her a little so her teeth stop aiming for his hand. Instead, she paws at the air in front of her. After a second or so, she sneezes. Leon sighs and looks around for a tissue.]

I am SO not cut out for this...where the hell is that dress wearing freak when I actually need him?

But seriously...what the fuck is going on?

Sep. 15th, 2009

you should see the other guy

Ninth Case [Accidental Voice: English]

[The communicator clatters to the ground, clicking on in time to catch the sound of a gunshot and some dying zombie noises. Leon's ducked into an alley for a breather, and you can hear some heavy breathing as he leans down to grab the device that fell out of his pocket. He makes an annoyed noise when he notices that it's recording.]

Oh gimme a break- is this thing designed to turn on at the slightest touch? Stupid piece of shit...what, you want me to talk? Fine, I'll talk.

I hate this place. You know that? I really freaking hate it. I hate these broken down dumps of buildings, I hate the lack of food and clothing and everything else, I hate all the weird as hell weather, I hate that I'm stuck here when I've got important shit waiting back home for me. And I really. Really. Hate. These stupid. MONSTERS.

[There's a scream from a ReDead, an angry shout and another gunshot before he abruptly turns it off.]

Sep. 10th, 2009

aren't you precious

Eighth Case [Video: English/Text]


[Sick of hearing this yet, Discedo? Too bad, because here it is again. Leon curses and drops the communicator with a thunk, grumbling loudly. The device turns on to video, but it's strangely dark and you see just barely see him past some trash and dirty clothes.] Stupid freaking piece of shit...not my fault it fell behind the bed. And that I forgot about it. Okay, maybe that last part is a tiny bit my fault.

[There's some rustling as he reaches for it again, stopping when his hand hits something else. He pulls it out - a large, ragged looking hat.] Huh? What the- oh it's that ugly ass hat. Guess I forgot about that too. Was supposed to give it to that creep...


Eh, doesn't matter. Not like the jerk deserves it anyway. [He roughly shoves the hat back under the bed before grabbing the communicator and dragging it out, sitting up with an annoyed sigh.]

There we go. Ugh, this week is nuts. Snow finally stopped I guess, but this damn fog is freaky as hell. Looks like one of those cheesy old B-movies where someone forgot to turn off the smoke machine. Just with less zombies.


Hey, Discedo! With damn near everyone and their dog getting lost out there, this should be common sense, but here's a reminder: don't go outside unless you need to. And I mean NEED-need to, not "need to take a walk" or "need to go visit someone" or something stupid like that. And if you're gonna ignore that and go outside anyway, the least you could do is pair up. And stick with your partner! If you need an escort or, god forbid, you get turned around and can't get back where you're supposed to be, there's people you can ask for help. So no excuses if anyone gets eaten by a monster or something.


Not that there's been many monsters hanging around lately...even they've been spooked by this stuff.


If ghosts start popping out of nowhere or something, I swear to god...

Aug. 19th, 2009

growly face

Seventh Case [Voice: English/Text]

[Leon's not had a very good day, as you can hear briefly before it switches to text] Crazy freaking bitch, pulling a knife on me out of nowhere like that, godda-


This is sort of just to let everyone know what's going on so they don't freak out [Miria he's looking at you], but I figured I'd go ahead and let people know: If you know either America or Russia and are wondering where they've gotten to...they've both been taken into police custody. They were placed under arrest following a confrontation last week which resulted in shots being fired. [Understatement of the year.]

If you've got any questions about this, feel free to ask. If you've got any problems with it, suck it up and keep it yourself, I've got enough shit to deal with.

[Police Lock: directed at Minato]Collapse )


[He accidentally turns it back to voice instead of off because he's not paying attention. There's the sound of the communicator being set down, then a minute of silence. Then the sound of a piece of furniture being kicked lightly and some muttering.]

Shit, 'm all wired up...hmph...

...'ll take a walk...

Aug. 12th, 2009

deep thoughts of a shallow mind

Sixth Case [Voice: English/Text]

[Entire post viewable to police force]

[Locked to Russia]Collapse )
[Locked to America]Collapse )
[Locked to Liechtenstein]Collapse )

[Aggravated sigh] Still can't believe I'm talking to countries...s'if my life wasn't weird enough...

And these goddamn earthquakes need to CUT IT OUT ALREADY!!

Aug. 2nd, 2009

gd it isaac, why so fail, gd it miria, gd it america

Fifth Case [Voice: English/Text]

Fucking butterflies, what's next. At least they only bite. Biting, I can freaking deal with. It's the ones that scramble your brains that still get to me.

What the heck is this I'm hearing about snow? It's the middle of the goddamn summer!

I officially give up trying to understand this place.

...do we even have provisions for cold weather? Stored up food, warm clothing, stuff like that?

[Repeats the last part in text]

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